azn PPC is all about Amazon PPC / Advertising.

My name is Jyoti. I am from Odisha, India. Below is my photograph.

I love to travel and try delicious local food.

When I get bored, I love to listen some Bollywood, Hollywood, and Ollywood Video Songs.

Apart from that, I love everything about Amazon PPC.

So, I thought of starting this blog and start writing about Amazon PPC and help the Amazon Sellers around the globe.

I feel satisfied when I help Amazon Sellers with my knowledge.

My mission is to help Amazon Sellers and make their business profitable through Ads and product listing optimization.

I can help you creating Amazon Ad campaigns that will bring More sales, Increased Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and Low Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)

I will create all types of Ad campaigns.

·      Sponsored Products Ads

·      Sponsored Brand Ads / Brand Store Ads

·      Sponsored Display Ads

I will create different targeting Campaigns.

·      Automatic

·      Manual Keyword Targeting, Product Targeting

I will do thorough Keyword Research and find out the profitable Keyword for your products.

I will create different Keyword Targeting Ad Groups.

·      Exact Match

·      Phrase Match

·      Broad Match

I will Optimize the Ad campaigns with Negative Keywords.

·      Negative Exact

·      Negative Phrase

Also I can help you with

. Building Your Brand Storefront in Amazon

. Amazon SEO Tactics to rank high in targeted search terms.

I love going into details into the search term reports, business reports, campaigns, ad groups, bids, click-through rate, cost per click, ACOS, conversion rate, and optimizing those on a regular basis.

I love the numbers.

I love learning more about Amazon PPC and the topic of marketing every day.

Above all, I feel satisfied and motivated when clients compliment me for my hard work

I am available to answer all your queries and make recommendations to increase your total sales.

Feel free to Email me at jyoti.tite@gmail.com or Call me +91 7381833749

Thank you a lot for visiting this website.