Amazon PPC Expert Management

Creating Amazon PPC campaigns is easy. But it’s difficult to manage them regularly and achieve great results.

It takes time, effort, and right kind of Amazon PPC strategies for your brand to get the results you want.

I know as an Amazon seller you have myriad of things to do. From manufacturing to managing the overall finance, it’s a lot of work.

Amazon PPC is a fast-growing & ever-evolving thing. Amazon releases a ton of updates every year. So to catch up to the pace, you need to be proactive and managing Amazon PPC every single day.

This is what I am doing. I eat, sleep, and breathe Amazon PPC.

I am Jyoti Prakash Pradhan, Amazon PPC Expert.

I have worked with multiple 6 and 7 figure clients.

Here are some results that I achieved recently for a client.

I apply holistic approach for running ads.

Here’s my process of achieving great results.

1 – I audit the product listings. Check if anything can be done to improve the listing first.

(This is the first thing to do as a great listing improves conversion and hence sales)

2 – I audit the Ad account. If anything was doing well in the past and find out the problems what’s not working.

3 – I do keyword research through multiple ways with advanced strategies.

4 – Find out the gap.

5 – Run all types of advertisements available in different ways.

6 – Again find out the keywords and products that are performing from Search Term Reports.

7 – Keep on optimizing the campaigns till we get the desired sales and ROAS.

8 – Again create new campaigns by analyzing the past results.

9 – And the process continues…

If you are an Amazon seller and want to scale your business with a positive ROI, we should talk.

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