Ecommerce Customer Journey – Amazon PPC

Here are the 5 steps of Ecommerce Customer Journey.


You need a toothbrush.

Then you start browsing on Amazon and see an Ad for an electric toothbrush brand that you have never heard of before.

Out of curiosity, you click on that Ad to discover the brand and its products.

You didn’t know about that brand before, but you get to know the brand through Amazon Ads. So this is called Awareness.

For that electric toothbrush brand, you are now in the Awareness Stage of the Customer Journey.


After some days, you again see the Amazon Ad of that Electric Toothbrush Brand.

This time, you are more interested in going through the product’s details that can help you brush your teeth better and get cleaner and healthier teeth.

Now you click on that Amazon Ad for Electric Toothbrush.

– You read the bullet points of that product.
– You go through the Description of that product.
– And you go through the EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) of that product.

Basically, you try to know the features and benefits of the product.

And after going through Bullet Points, Description, and Enhanced Brand content of that product, you decide to check other Electric Toothbrush Brands.

Now that you have come to this stage and comparing different Electric Toothbrush products and trying to know which one is better – Which one has the highest ratings, which one has a lot of excellent reviews, and which can give you the overall value for money.

For that electric toothbrush brand, now you are in the 2nd Step of the Customer Journey – i.e., Consideration.


Now that you have compared all the Electric Toothbrush brands,

you found out that the Electric Toothbrush brand that has put an advertisement is the best one.

Best Price, Excellent Ratings and Reviews, Best in Features and Benefits and the product is also looking good.

So, you finally decided to Purchase that Electric Toothbrush.

For that electric toothbrush brand, now you are in the 3rd Step of the Customer Journey – i.e., Purchase


Now that you have purchased that Electric Toothbrush, you found that the product is really good, as mentioned.

So, after some days of using that toothbrush, you go on to put a 5-star rating and Excellent review on Amazon and suggest others to buy as you found it useful.

Also, you tell your friends about that Electric Toothbrush, like how good it is and how it keeps your teeth cleaner and healthier.

For that electric toothbrush brand, now you are in the 4th Step of Customer Journey – i.e., Advocacy


After some months, when you are browsing through the Amazon website, you get to see an Amazon Ad again from that Electric Toothbrush Brand.

Now this time, it’s not an electric toothbrush; it’s a Water Flosser for teeth.

As you know the Brand already and purchased a product from that Brand,

you click on that Remarketing Amazon Ad from that Brand.

And you go through the bullet points, descriptions, enhanced brand content of the product.

As your experience is excellent with the previous product from that Brand, you don’t take much time analyzing the product and comparing it with other similar products.

You just saw the reviews, and the ratings are excellent. And hit that “Add to Cart” button and finally buy the Water Flosser.

For that electric toothbrush brand, now you are in the last or 5th Step of Customer Journey – i.e., Loyalty


So, these are the 5 steps of customer journey. Apply this concept in your Ecommerce Business or Amazon PPC to optimize your campaigns and get the best results.

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